60 Days

60Days.Guide needed a landing page that would let their potential customers know they could execute projects quickly. B3 Advisors built the site, wrote the copy, and is hosting 60Days.Guide. 
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Income Property Specialists is a Real Estate Portfolio Manager out of Cupertino, California. IPS needed a complete brand overhaul, website rebuild and sales funnel. B3 Advisors built the site, is hosting the site, and configured their sales funnel. Heights Strategic Marketing assisted in strategy and copywriting.
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VetStarts needed a WordPress site built on Divi. VetStarts is busy helping our Veterans improve their lives and didn't have the time or resources to build the site themselves. B3 Advisors built the site in less than three weeks and is currently hosting the site. 
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Cristin Parker

Cristin need a new WordPress site and she needed it fast. B3 Advisors worked with Heights Strategic Marketing and together turned this site around in just 2 Weeks. 
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Crux Solutions

Crux Solutions needed a full sales funnel including a brand new website. B3 Advisors built the site, wrote all of the copy, wrote a email drip campaign, and configured their Hubspot org.
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North Texas Concrete Raisers

NTCR had already started running radio ads. Their existing site was a mess. They need a new WordPress site fast. B3 Advisors created the site in 2 Weeks. B3 Advisors hosts the site and wrote all of the copy. 
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