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Google’s New Algorithm: Page Experience

Don’t worry… your traffic hasn’t gone down (or up) because of the Page Experience algorithm update hasn’t rolled out yet. But it will in 2021 according to Google. Due to the coronavirus, they decided to give us all a heads up on the future algorithm update and what it entails… that way you can adjust […] The post Google’s New Algorithm: Page Experience appeared first on Neil Patel.

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Neil Patel and Eric Siu have sent over 41 million emails… here is what they learned

In episode #1400, we talk about what we’ve learned by sending out 41.1 million marketing emails. Neil speaks about how and when to scrub your list depending on its size, and shares recent metrics for open, click, and deliverability rates he has received from his 500K+ subscriber list! Eric also shares a great strategy for […] The post What We’ve Learned by Sending out 41.1 Million Marketing Emails | Ep #1400 appeared first on Marketing School Podcast.

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Need a good marketing intern? I know I do.

In episode #1401, Neil and Eric share how to get a good digital marketing intern! If you, like them, want hungry, humble and smart new members on a growing team, hiring interns is a great way to do this and can benefit everyone in the process! Tune in to hear about the best avenues to explore to […] The post How to Get a Good Digital Marketing Intern | Ep. #1401 appeared first on Marketing School Podcast.

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