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An SEO Tool Kit

SEO gurus are a dime a dozen and many times they say things that contradict other SEO gurus. So who do you trust? When it comes to SEO, I trust the guys that have proven what works and what doesn’t work.

Neil Patel is a voice that I trust. In this blog post he lists eleven things he is calling the SEO tool kit.

Marketing in Lockdown and After Lockdown

Eric and Neil lay out some of the ways that marketing has changed since the lockdown. We have been indoors for a few weeks now this has produced many opportunities for doing things in new ways. From shifts in messaging to lower marketing standards, lower costing ads, and sweeping up recently laid off talent The link below is to a short podcast that explains this stuff.

Are You Giving Your Best Business Relationships Gifts?

What kind of gifts have you been giving to your best customers, vendors, employees, or the people that you love? This week Don and J.J. invited John Ruhlin, author of Giftology, to share his seven steps to giving gifts that will help you grow your business. John explains the art of giving gifts and how it helps your business in the marketplace. This one is worth the listen. I got lots of ideas while listening. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Ideas for Using Audio Twitter

Did you hear? Twitter is rolling out an audio feature where you can record your voice for 140 seconds. Only the biggest and baddest accounts have access to it now, but soon you’ll all be able to do it. I wonder if the President is going to use audio twitter? I mean… he should cause he’s so good with audio… right?! I digress… Gary Vee has some cool ideas about Audio Twitter and you can see and hear them on this post.

This Week on Radio Headspace

Monday June 15 Happiness Isn’t a Destination

Tuesday June 16 Let Go of Great Expectations This is some of the best advice. I’m always telling the people I love that if they don’t want to get all upset and undone, they should think about what could or might happen before it happens and set their expectations accordingly.

Wednesday June 17 Fight Club Rules Apply

Thursday June 18 What’s the Rush?

Friday June 19 Please Don’t Stop the Music

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