Unlimited Care Cottages, Spring, Texas, has announced its partnership with Aveta Marketing, Arlington, Texas. This partnership is intended to expand the assisted living business and generate new leads for Unlimited Care Cottages.

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Aveta Marketing Offers QuickResponse

Aveta Marketing has developed a variety of marketing strategies that can be used to get the desired results. Quick Response is the first service. The Aveta team can answer live chats via text and helps qualify leads to qualify before they reach the Unlimited sales team. Potential customers will receive a prompt response from the Quick Response team, and their concerns and questions are promptly addressed. The Unlimited sales team saves time by not having to talk with unqualified leads, and the potential new guests get a better experience because their chat session turns into a text message exchange within just a few seconds.

New Website for Unlimited Care

The redesign of Unlimited Care Cottages’ website is another important aspect of this partnership. Aveta Marketing will design an attractive, user-friendly website that’s easy to navigate. Potential clients will find the redesigned website easier to use, and they can access more information about Unlimited Care Cottages.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Unlimited Care Cottages and Aveta Marketing have also partnered to offer Pay Per Click (PPC), advertising. PPC advertising, an online advertising model that allows advertisers to pay for each click on their ads, is another aspect of the partnership between Unlimited Care Cottages and Aveta Marketing. Unlimited Care Cottages will be managed by Aveta Marketing. Targeting potential customers searching for assisted living facilities within the local area, the PPC advertising campaigns will be created. This ensures that Unlimited Care Cottages’ ads reach the right audience and generates quality leads.

Local SEO Content Plans

Aveta Marketing will create new and relevant content on a monthly basis for Unlimited Care Cottages in addition to the services mentioned above. Unlimited Care Cottages can be positioned as an authority in assisted living by using content marketing. Unlimited Care Cottages will provide relevant and fresh content to help clients make informed decisions and establish themselves as an authoritative and reliable provider of assisted living services.

The strategic partnership between Unlimited Care Cottages & Aveta Marketing aims to expand the assisted living industry and generate quality leads. Aveta Marketing’s powerful marketing strategies, including Quick Response and website redesign, PPC advertisement, and content marketing will ensure Unlimited Care Cottages’ success. Unlimited Care Cottages can be found at 14450 Longstreet Rd. Willis, TX 77318. We encourage potential clients visit their website or to contact them directly for further information.

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