There really is A LOT of great marketing information and news that happens in the course of a week. I've tried to curate what I think you might like to read or listen to.

Neil Patel starts us off with the 4 Ps of Marketing.

The 4 Ps of marketing… You’ve probably heard about them from a friend, a textbook, or even at school. I know it sounds like a boring topic that’s common sense, but there is more to it than meets the eye. And no, it’s not just for large companies… the smaller you are, the more important […] The post The 4 Ps of Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide (With Examples) appeared first on Neil Patel. Read more here

Who doesn't love Tim Ferris? We can all learn something from Tim

In episode #1412 of the Marketing School podcast, the guys give you three actionable lessons every marketer can learn from Tim Ferris! They talk about how Tim’s success can in part be attributed to his experimental nature, use of data in the content he produces, and willingness to keep learning! Tune in and hear what you can learn from Tim Ferris. The post 3 Actionable Lessons Every Marketer Can Learn from Tim Ferriss | Ep. #1412 appeared first on Marketing School Podcast.

Learn more here.

Want to scale your business $10M?

In this week's episode of Building a StoryBrand, Don talks to Curt Richardson. Theres also some good banter between Don and JJ.

Listen here.

Gary Vaynerchuck's video team is amazing. He never disappoints!

There are two ways you can “build the tallest building in town”. You can either spend all your time and energy focusing on you making your building the tallest, or you can go around and try to tear everyone else’s building down. Anybody that is trying to tear you down is hurting inside. The post How To Build The Tallest Building appeared first on

Watch the video here.

Pivot Podcast Episodes

This week on Pivot. On Tuesday Kara and Scott talk about Amazon and IBM moving away from their facial recognition technology because of algorithm's known racial biases. They also discuss Biden's petition to Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg to change his hands-off approach with political speech on the platform. They talk about HBOMax taking down "Gone with the Wind" and whether platforms should give more context to historic racism in film. And, as Starbucks shuts down 400 stores in North America, they talk about what the future is for brick and mortar giants.

Listen to Tuesday June 12 here.

On Friday, Kara and Scott talk about a new lawsuit waged by Amazon warehouse workers alleging the company did not follow CDC protocol well enough to stop the spread of COVID-19. They discuss Alexis Ohanian's decision to step down from Reddit's board of the directors in order to leave space to elevate a black person to his empty seat. In Friend of Pivot we hear from Mike Masnick of tech dirt to talk about Section 230, as Trump battles with Twitter.

Listen to Friday June 9 here.

Need More Headspace? I know I do.

I love this podcast. I love listening to Andy. It really puts me in a good headspace. Haha! See what I did there?

This week on Radio Headspace podcast:

Jonathan Stark and Rochelle Moulton on Selling Services

This is a great podcast and I love that they start off on a subject that is near and dear to me... clarity in your messaging.

Listen here.

What should a website cost in Dallas Fort Worth?

Your website and online presence are very important. They can mean the difference between a successful business and a hobby. 

A website that you can be proud of, that converts browsers into buyers, and is easy to take care of should cost you between $1000 and $20,000. In this post, I’ll go into detail about why there is such a range in pricing on new websites.

Solution 1: Do It Yourself $1000

Wix and Squarespace are the winners here. With both solutions, you can be up and running in a few hours. They both offer hosting and domains all wrapped up into one bundle. They both offer beautiful modern templates that you can choose from.


With Wix, you can actually start for free. You can get a website and choose from 100s of templates and get hosting for free ninety-nine! That sounds amazing, but here’s why you wouldn’t want to do that.

  1. Your free website will have the Wix brand on it. That’s not cool. You have a brand. Promote your brand, not Wix. 
  2. Free hosting Hosting is important and anything that you can get for free isn’t going to be the best.
  3. Your domain is MEGA IMPORTANTE! If you’re just starting’re going to want a domain that is custom to you. You don’t want a domain that includes “Wix”.

If you’re going to go with Wix, bypass the free plan and upgrade to one of the premium plans. They go like this:

  • Combo plan is $13/month
  • Unlimited is $17/month
  • Pro is $22/month
  • VIP is $39/month

All of these plans remove Wix branding and the major differences is the amount of storage and video space you get. With VIP you get better support.

Wix also offers eCommerce sites and those plans look like this:

  • Basic Business $23/month
  • Business Unlimited $27/month
  • Business VIP $49/month
  • Enterprise $500/month

All of these plans accept online payments and Wix doesn’t take any commissions. That’s cool. Don’t be confused by that though...your payment processor is going to take at least 2.9% of transactions. You can see more about these plans here.


Squarespace’s offering is a little easier to understand. They have four plans.

  1. Personal $16/month
  2. Business $18/month
  3. Basic Commerce $26/month
  4. Advanced Commerce $40/month

The SS eCom options are integrated with Xero.

These sites come with a lot of options. One main difference between Wix and SS is that SS offers unlimited storage on all of their sites and Wix doesn’t. They both offer professional email options and some money to go towards ad spending. Don’t let the ad dollars they are throwing around lure you can go through a few hundred dollars in ads quicker than two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

Both are decent options if you need to get started fast. But don’t fool’ll spend at least 8 hours of your time getting these sites up and ready to represent you, and even then most people just aren’t quite happy with the end result.

Counting in what your time is worth and the monthly fees you can get to $1000 pretty fast for these websites.

Solution 2: Squarespace Done With You $2500

Using a template along with a professional agency is a good option. The guys at have templates that are ready to go. The process here is pretty simple.

Step 1: You buy a template. You can shop templates here.

Step 2: Add your content. You just follow their step-by-step video to add your text, images, and other stuff. 

Step 3: Meet with a designer. You’ll get a 1-hour design session to get ideas, feedback, and help with final tweaks.

Step 4: Launch your site. You can get up and running within a week. If you need more help later, they have monthly support plans available. 

How I get to $2500. The guys are charge $1500 for their templates. I’m guessing you’ll spend at least 8 hours working on getting your site as you want it. I’m guessing your time is worth at least $100/hour, which puts you at a total of $2500.

Solution 3: WordPress DIY $1000

We recommend WordPress as your Content Management Solution (CMS). It’s the number CMS int he world. It’s fast. It’s secure...when maintained correctly. It’s best for SEO, and it is the most versatile platform by far. You can build your own WordPress site. The way I started was with a WPCrafter video. Here’s a link to one of Adam’s videos. The reason I have you at $1000 is because of the real-time it takes to build a website. I bill clients at $150 per hour. I’m betting your time is worth close to the same. So, if you spend 8 hours on your website (honestly, I think you’ll spend more than that) and you value your time at $125/hour then you’re at $1,000. 

Solution 4: WordPress Done For You $5,500 - $20,000

Why the big jump from $1000 to $5,550? Well, you’re moving from Done with You to Done For You. For more progressive entrepreneurs and businesses who understand the value of their time, this option makes a lot of sense.

This process is amazingly simple.

Step 1: Online discovery meeting where you answer a series of questions about your customers. Notice the questions are about your customers and not about you.

Pro Tip & Paradigm Change: We help you tell your story in light of your customer’s story. The days of making your website and marketing collateral all about you are done. Unless you don’t want to convert.

Step 2: We go to work and create a wireframe that contains all of the copy, icons, and stock imagery. This includes your homepage (up to 10 sections),  your About Us page, and another page that you choose. The extra page could be a blog or services page. 

Step 3: You review and provide feedback

Step 4: We design and build the site out.

Step 5: We do quality control checks, including grammar checks, spelling checks, link checks, technical SEO checks.

Step 6: Go live! We host all of our sites on Flywheel. Flywheel is premium hosting where you receive 24/7 support, daily backups, and a databased optimized for WordPress websites.

Check out a few happy clients who have let us build their sites. 

Why the price range up to $20,000? Well, there are agencies here in Dallas Fort Worth who will charge you up to $20K for the exact process I just spelled out. The main difference between me and the larger agencies is I don’t have all of the overhead they have.

You’re getting a beautifully designed WordPress website that is built using the best page builder in the business. You’re getting premium hosting. You’re getting a proven process that will deliver your site to you in less than 3 weeks. All for $5,500.

Book a discovery call or click here to purchase a new website today.

Growing your sales is top priority. Your current website and online presence could use some work. We've helped hundreds of companies like yours create amazing presence online using our proven process.
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