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If you’re familiar with the StoryBrand framework, the concept of a clear message is nothing new. It’s an approach that positions your reader as the hero and your company as the guide. Instead of talking about an illustrious career or a multitude of product features, you remind the reader that you exist to solve their biggest problem.

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Podcast Transcription from Marketing with Mitch: Breaking down Brand Messaging

Hey, thanks for joining us for this episode of Marketing with Mitch, a daily podcast with a StoryBrand Certified guide where I get in all things marketing to help you win at business, let’s do it.

So, what is your most important marketing tool? Is it your website? Is it TikTok? Could it be facebook? You know what I think it is. Guys. Email email is your most essential marketing tool that’s in your arsenal. Here’s why, your email list is something that you own. Your website likely is too, but channels like social media demand that you play by their rules, and if something were to change tomorrow, you might be limited on what you can do. I mean we’ve seen this happen over and over again: Facebook changes the rules or Google changes their algorithm and traffic changes, right? So if you’re relying on those guys to help you succeed in business now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t but I’m saying that you should be thinking about email as the most important, essential tool in your arsenal for your business. That’s never been more critical or a great time to invest in email marketing.

If you need help getting your email marketing efforts off the ground, try these tips. First, batch your emails, set aside time to write ahead. Writing multiple emails at a time, in batches makes things so much easier. Once you kind of get into the flow or your writing is better, and you can really just what I like to do is say: I’m going to write from ten am to 1045 am and that’s it. Turn everything else off all the distractions and just write. Take a small break and get back at it. And write for another 45 minutes. Here’s the second thing: crowdsource ideas. So what I mean by that is start a swap file for keeping ideas of great emails that you receive or see in the wild. You can store it somewhere, like I use Notion or Evernote or whatever note taking app that you’ve got out there that you want to. You could even now create a folder inside your email client where you can put emails that you really like, and then lastly, third, I will send you this: put a link in the show notes. It’s from a digital marketer and it’s a blog post and it’s titled everything you ever needed to know about email marketing, and so it’s a great source of information for you. All right, then select and stick with an email marketing platform. Now there’s a bunch out there, right? The one that I really like first is the active campaign. I like those guys a lot. I like mailer light. Both of them have free plans that will help you really get going and then once you really start to grow, you can grow into their plans. But I like both of those guys. So if you need personalized help to get your email marketing strategy back on track, then just email me. It’s Mitch at the letter, the number three advisors Dot ORG thanks! Talk to you tomorrow.

Hey guys, I’m giving away A free pass to business made simple is an annual subscription to business made simple. It’s you know, If you were to go buy it, it’s 275 bucks, which is honestly an amazing deal. If I wasn’t giving this away, I would tell you it’s a no-brainer to spend the two and 75 on a subscription business. But what you get there is on-demand courses, you know, to help you really with your business, with your career, grow your business. Also as being a part of the community. There’s live monthly coaching. They have a sort of an application there where you can fill out your own professional development plan, which is a really smart thing to do. There are just some amazing courses there. The production is top-notch; they’ve spent literally hundreds of thousands of dollars, you know, producing these courses. There’s a course on strategy, productivity, your life plan and productivity, which is great, called hero on a mission.

If you need to communicate really anything Internally or externally, there’s a course called communication, made simple, and when you come out of it you’ll have every piece you need to, you know, communicate effectively inside your organization as well as outside, using press releases, email, things like that. There is clearly there’s a course on messaging, so the StoryBrand messaging framework is in there.

It is almost exactly almost exactly the same material you would get if you purchased a $1000 marketing livestream course, so that right there is just there’s this huge value. But I mean clearly I’m givin it away for free. There’s a marketing made simple course in there that will walk you through how to put together your own sales funnel. There’s a course on proposals, proposals made simple. I’ve used that philosophy and a plan that they give you and proposals made simple to close a lot of business. So, that right there again there’s just so much value in it. But anyway, if you want to enter for the give away, I’m going to do the give away on November 15, but go to Fill out the form and you’ll be entered in the give away so he can. It can be easily confused. It’s the letter, the number three. Then advisers dot forward, slash, go there, get entered for a free pass to business, made simple. Thanks. So much for listening to marketing with Mitch. I hope you enjoyed this episode and found it valuable. There are three ways in which I can help your business. First, take my business report assessment.

The link is in the show notes notes, in 12 minutes you’ll get a free, detailed report on the health of your business and a customized plan for how to make it profitable. Second, schedule a strategy session with me. It’s 60 minutes long, it costs 300 bucks and if you don’t feel like you got your money’s worth, I’ll refund the money. Why do I charge for this? I charge so you’ll have some skin in the game and show up for our call. Third way I can help your business. You can hire me to build your sales funnel. The best way to get that started is to schedule a strategy session and if we work together, I’ll credit the 300 bucks to your project. So if you have time, please subscribe to the podcast and consider rating and reviewing the show. That will help other people find us and then we can help more people get their marketing right.

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