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There’s a ton of confusion around the difference between taglines and one-liners. They’re often used interchangeably (and understandably so). Here is a helpful way to differentiate between them.

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Podcast Transcription from Marketing with Mitch: Taglines vs. One-Liners

Hey, guys, thanks for joining me with marketing with Mitch, It’s a daily podcast solving your biggest marketing problems: I’m a StoryBrand certified guide and I’ve worked for some of the biggest companies in the world, as well as some startups, in helping them with sales and marketing. I’ll bet your company has a mission and I’ll also bet it’s not struggling with marketing.

Well, that’s why I’m here, created this podcast to help you stop struggling with marketing and get back to doing the stuff you really love. So, listen every day and let me know if I can help, glad you’re here.

There is a tone of confusion around the difference between taglines and one-liners; they are often used interchangeably and understandably. So here is a helpful way to differentiate between one-liners and taglines. So for a tagline it’s usually we do X for you know Y. So we build websites for local trades, right? A one-liner is a formula where it’s the problem, plus the solution equals the result. So here’s some examples, right? We build homes for low income families. That’s a tagline. Here’s a one-liner: finding housing is really hard. We offer brand-new homes at affordable prices for families in need so they can have a place to call their own. That’s a one-liner did you? Did you hear the pieces of it? The problem finding housing is hard solution. We offer brand-new homes at affordable prices for families in need. Here comes the result so that they can have a place to call their own. Okay. So taglines are short, simple statements and one-liners are the most concise, complete story you can tell. Both are powerful. They’re a powerful complement to your messaging when used in the proper context. For you. Small business leaders out there set aside 15 minutes this week to develop or refine your tagline and or your one-liner for you, nonprofit leaders out there decide whether or not your tag line or one-liner are geared toward your donors or the communities that you serve. And if you need help with this, let me know. You can email me, Mitch. At the letter the number three advisors dot ORG thanks and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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