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StoryBrand Marketing Principle #1: When you agitate a customer’s desire, they enter into the story your brand is telling.

Have you defined really what your clients and prospective clients want?

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Podcast Transcription from Marketing with Mitch: Define What Your Customers Want

Hi, everybody, this is Mitch Alverson, and I’m delighted that you joined me for this episode of marketing with Mitch, where I help you solve your biggest marketing problems. I’m a StoryBrand certified guide and a Master Blackbelt in Six Sigma. I’ve been working in sales and marketing for a long time now, for fortune 500 companies and startups.

I believe you got into business to do what you love, not mess around with messaging and websites. That’s why I’m here bringing ideas and information that can help you stop struggling with marketing and gain peace of mind. Let’s get right to the episode.

Hey guys, Mitch here, I hope you’re doing well today. So this week we’ve been talking about marketing and we’ve been talking particularly or specifically about why you’re wasting your marketing dollars. And then we talked about how to make sense to your prospective clients. And then we talked about why they’re ignoring you. And so today I want to talk a little bit about what we call the story brand marketing principle number one, and it is when you agitate a customer’s desire, they enter into the story your brand is telling. So how do we do this? Well, we have to understand what it is that our prospective clients want. What is it that they want, and so, if you remember the framework right, it’s a character with a problem, meets a guide who gives them a plan that calls them to action that results in success or failure. So, our character has to want something, and usually guys. It is one thing, and so our character has to want something, and so that, if you think of it again, let’s take it back to movies. If the Jason Bourne movies were that he wanted to know, like, like what’s really in the movie he wants to find out his identity.

But he also wants to marry the girl and he also wants to lose 30 pounds and he’s also thinking about adopting a dog. That’s too much right? The story falls apart, and so it’s the same with your marketing. You need to be known for really one thing and then all your other stuff, all your other services, can fall underneath that one thing. 

One of the examples I love to use, because it’s so clear and makes so much sense, is Dave Ramsey’s company. You know, his umbrella sort of customer want or desire is financial peace, and underneath financial peace he’s got all kinds of products and services. So, that’s a good thing to think about for us. What does your umbrella customer want? What is it that they desire? Right? And a lot of times where we get mixed-up with this is we may produce like we build a lot of websites, and it’s not that my customer wants a website. They don’t wake up in the morning thinking man, I sure wish I could get me a brand-new WordPress website built with Divi Builder and man, I want to lead capture on that baby. 

They’re not thinking that, that’s not what they’re thinking. What they really want is, you know, success in their business or they want a particular sales campaign to be successful. I mean you have to get past order to widget to the actual. What’s their real desire? And so you have to be able to agitate their desire by using story, and so again. So, we have to know what it is that they want right? And so that’s what the challenge is for you is, what is it that your customer really wants? You know if you’re doing, if you’re a plummer, if you’re electrician, if you’re an IT company, what is it that they really want? Do they want somebody to come out and work on their computers? No, they don’t, they want their stuff to work, so that, this is a good point. What’s the “so that”? What’s the “so that” behind your computer service? What’s the “so that” behind your electrician service? That’s what you’ve got to get to to really get to the customer’s heart of the matter. What is it that they want? So StoryBrand marketing principle number one is when you agitate a customer’s desire, they enter into the story your brand is telling.

Okay. So I’ve helped man. I don’t know how many hundreds of customers go through the StoryBrand framework, work on their brand scripts. So I thought I would go through some of my past clients inside of my, where you can get a free account at my story, brand dotcom and work on your brand script. But what I’m going through is the character was, the first one is a marketing strategy that helps them communicate more clearly and grow sales. That’s what they want. They want to communicate clearly and grow sales.

Here’s a kid, I’m trying to not give away the name of the company, but they help baseball players, little league baseball players up to high school baseball players. But what do they want? What does the character want? Well, in this case you got to think about this. The marketing and messaging is going to mom and dad, and so what they want is to know their kids, to excel in baseball. Okay, so that’s what they really want. They’re not, they’re not looking to go by baseball. You know, hitting lessons or pitching lessons. They want their kids to be a star. That’s what the characters want in that case.

Here is cryotherapy. They want relief from pain. That’s what they want. They want their pain to go away. So there you go, here is, let’s see, this company does recruiting for drivers, transportation, and what they want is, what they want their character. What their clients want right is they want their loads delivered on time and safely. That’s what they want now. How do they get that? They need a driver? They need good, safe drivers, right? Here is a medical app. No, it’s not. It’s not. Let’s see here, here’s a diesel mechanic company, right? What do they want? They want their trucks to run efficiently and work. They want their truck to work. That’s it. I want my truck to work so that I can deliver loads and make more money right? That’s what they want. So, again, think through your marketing, think through what your offer is to your clients. What is it that your customers want? There you go.

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