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Hey There! We’re pivoting to Marketing with Mitch. In today’s episode, we talk about why your marketing messaging may be making prospective clients bounce. Here are some practical things you can do to improve your marketing right away.

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Podcast Transcription from Marketing with Mitch: Why Your Prospective Clients Are Ignoring You

Hey guys, just around the corner, on September 20th and 21st there’s going to be a StoryBrand marketing workshop. I say live, it’s going to be a live stream, It’s going to be over the internet, you’re going to be on me, doing two days of absolute genius market work on your stuff.

So, why does this work? Well? First of all, you have. Two, committed days to work on your stuff, which I promised you probably haven’t done any very long time. It forces you to put those days aside, to work on your marketing in the live stream, the StoryBran livestream, you’re going to get every single-piece that you need to create a clear marketing message and sales funnel.

All in two days. Now, it’s, It’s just under $1000, guys. That’s what the price is, and if you will go to spell just like you see in the podcast notes and things. Click register. It’s going to take you to the register page. That’s where you register. Go do it, you’re going to get man, you’re just going to totally rock your marketing if you go to do this. So, if you want to rock your marketing, go do it! If you don’t, you’re going to pick the wrong line, so, sorry.

Hi everybody, this is Mitch Alverson and I’m delighted that you join me for this episode of marketing with Mitch, where I help you solve your biggest marketing problems. I’m a StoryBrand certified guide and Master Blackbelt in Six Sigma. I’ve been working in sales and marketing for a long time now for fortune 500 companies and start-ups.

I believe you got into business to do what you love, not mess around with messaging and websites. That’s why I’m here bringing ideas and information that can help you stop struggling with marketing and gain peace of mind, let’s get right to the episode.

All right, yesterday we told you about how story is a sense making device and why you should be using it. But, today I want to talk a little bit. I want to kind of back up and talk about why, why that is so true and what’s going on in your, your customers, brain right? That’s the biggest thing and why that I said two days ago. You know people buy products only after they read words that make them want to buy those products. Here’s the reason why our brains, your customers, clients, prospective clients, their brains, are tasked with doing a couple of really important jobs.

First is to keep that person alive, to help them survive and thrive. That’s what their brain is tasked to do, and the second is to conserve calories. So if you think about that, if the human brain from way back, when right back when we, you know, had to, you know, really, really survive, it’s not so much like that today. We don’t wake up and you know have to figure out how we’re going to, you know, create shelter, that is, you know, safe and warm and protects us from the outdoors, and we don’t have to think about going and killing our food. But, our brains are still wired that way from way back wind to help us survive and thrive and help us.

The second one is conserved calories, because number one is, its job is to conserve calories, because it has to do with number one: help you survive and thrive. So what does that even mean for us in our marketing? Well, if that’s true about the human brain, then you’re marketing better be darned clear and it better be something that your clients can figure out quickly. So the words should tell them how you help them survive and thrive, right?. That’s the big deal and that’s why we use, you know, story, because we know we know this about your customers and clients. They wake up every day into their own story, so they wake up every single day and they are the hero in their story, living their life, going about their day and they have needs and desires and wants. And if your product or service solves those problems for those people or you know, gives them something that you know is like, I think of, like a Lexus. A Lexus ticks the box of status, which you know if you go away back to the sort of monkey brain right, I’m going to survive and thrive because you know my status is greater because I’m driving this Lexus, right? So that’s kind of how things are working. But the last thing we want to do is put marketing messaging in front of our prospective clients that makes their brains burn calories and what I mean is confusing. So, like the first day we talked about that construction company who’s got partnership and professionalism or exceeding expectations on their website. Well, what that’s doing is making someone think what in the world are they talking about? What do they even do? And as soon as your brain starts to burn calories, to try and figure out what they do, guess what it’s doing without you even knowing. It’s saying: get out of here, let’s go back to, you know, Instagram, where we can see how many you know engagements we have over there that make us feel good about ourselves, which you know helps us survive and thrive, kind of thing. So their brains, if you’re putting out confusing, messaging, ambiguous messaging, their brains are checking out and they’re going to the next thing, and it’s not even that you’re competing with social media. You’re competing with people who are really, really busy, or you know a mom is thinking about, you know, what’s going to be for dinner and you know what projects that she’s working on at work. And if your stuff is not clear, then she’s going to move right past it.

So we can’t be ambiguous. And the other thing you really can’t do, guys, is use industry jargon or big, big words. I mean, I don’t know who said it, but the marketing that’s the most human wins. And so if you use words that are big and jargon and industry specific, you’re just not going to be clear. I know sometimes you need to do that and sometimes it makes sense to do that but we call those slippery bowling balls and you know if you could give a client, if you’re presenting your messaging, whether it no matter what the application is, if it’s the venue, if you’re speaking or if you’re on your website or wherever, if you give them a bowling ball of like you know, really jargon, industry specific stuff, like they’re going to start to burn calories and they may try to figure it out, you give them another one. All you can do is give them about three of these bowling balls and they’re going to drop them all and they’re going to move on to the next thing. So don’t do that. Don’t give them slippery bowling balls. Give them good, clear messaging, human words that everybody understands. So remember what we say at StoryBrand. If you confuse you’ll lose. So that’s why guys’ stories are such a sense making device. So go check out your marketing again. If it’s unclear. If you’re using big jargon, industry words don’t do that. Figure out a better way to say it that’s more human. The marketing that’s the most human wins.

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